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I want to email some French tips to fellow students, and I want to say at the bottom of the email: "For your pleasure". 

Pour ton plaisir - doesn't seem right as it looks like I am only talking to one person

Pour tes plaisir - would be the plural version, but would plaisir have to be plaisirs?

I can't use votre/vos, as these are close friends. 

(For any German speaking students, I am looking for the equivalent of "ihr" (the plural of "dein"). 

Thanks in anticipation.

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Yes ,you can(must) use vous/votre/vos  if you are addressing more than one person.

You can only use the tu/ton/ta /tes forms if   you are addressing one person and you are also doing it in a familiar way.

In the circumstance you are describing the tu/ton/ta/tes forms are inappropriate because they are not "one person" but a group of people.

Many thanks George.


"votre" and "vos" is the plural form of the possessive article and doesn't have any polite value in this case. You must also be careful as they don't address the same words in the sentence.

Pour vos plaisirs = Many people and many pleasures

Pour votre plaisir = Many people and one pleasure

Pour ton plaisir = One person and one pleasur

Pour tes plaisirs = One person and many pleasures. 

It's true the "vous" polite form may confuse you because if you usually address one person with "vous" you will have to use "pour vos plaisirs" for one person and many pleasures and " pour votre plaisir" for one person and one pleasure.

But it's not the case here.

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "for your pleasure" ?

If it's "enjoy the tips and use them to have fun" I would go with "Faites vous plaisir"

If it's "it's a pleasure to give them to you, feel free to use them" I would go with "Pour le plaisir"

Otherwise the most accurate translation is "Pour votre plaisir"

"Au plaisir !"


"au plaisir de te revoir"

"au plaisir de te lire"

Ne pas mettre "pour" car le plaisir est lointain, tu ne le connais pas.


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