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What's your bête noire of French grammar?

Dear all, I'm looking to expand the site's French grammar section so am looking for suggestions of new topics to include. So in a nutshell…

Started by Neil CoffeyLatest Reply

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S'il vous plaitaît

Do we ever use the conditional mode when saying "please"?  If it would please you, rather than if it pleases you?  I'm confident we use it…

Started by Dwayne Roberts

4 Mar 14
Reply by Dwayne Roberts



How might one say that one waved to someone? Say you happened to see a friend in the street and waved to him or her. Perhaps just to say h…

Started by George Hunt

2 Jan 11
Reply by George Hunt

Using the future tense

This is the sentence to be translated: They will ring when they get there.  I am aware of a "rule" (?) which states that in the case of 2…

Started by Billy Bosworth

2 Jan 6
Reply by Chantal Savignat

Body parts+adjective requiring possessive adjective

I know body parts are generally preceded by the definite article. But I've heard that when the body part is qualified by an adjective, thi…

Started by michael rivers

2 Nov 25, 2019
Reply by Chantal Savignat

Next year and the next year

Hello Next year will bring peace and prosperity for all of us.   THIS MEANS IN 2020. The next year will bring peace and prosperity for a…

Started by Crack1

2 Nov 25, 2019
Reply by Chantal Savignat

chapelle ancienne?

Ancien (-ne) is one of those adjectives that can go before or after the noun, and thereby have a different meaning.  Normally if it precede…

Started by Billy Bosworth

2 Oct 7, 2019
Reply by Chantal Savignat

avoir besoin de, avoir besoin des...?

1. Mon chien a peur des chats 2. J'ai besoin d'oeufs If sentence 1 is correct then shouldn't sentence 2 be..."J'ai besoin des oeufs"? Wha…

Started by Joseph K.

5 Aug 8, 2019
Reply by George Hunt

Water Glass

I think this is an easy one. We have un verre de vin and un verre à vin, which are a glass of wine and a wine glass, respectively. So, is i…

Started by Dwayne Roberts

5 Aug 3, 2019
Reply by George Hunt

apprendre v. enseigner

i just came across this sentence:  Avec ces poupées, on apprend aux filles qu’elles doivent faire attention à leur apparence, à leurs vêtem…

Started by alan gould

1 Aug 3, 2019
Reply by George Hunt

the best in the world

quite sure i learned to say "le meilleur X du monde".  but on the internet, i'm hearing "au monde" and never "du monde."  i'm wondering if…

Started by alan gould

2 Aug 3, 2019
Reply by George Hunt


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