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What's your bête noire of French grammar?

Dear all, I'm looking to expand the site's French grammar section so am looking for suggestions of new topics to include. So in a nutshell…

Started by Neil CoffeyLatest Reply

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Argument dans ma classe de conversation.

Est-ce qu'on dit," la bouteille qu'il a ouvert" ou "la bouteille qu'il a ouverte"?

Started by Maxim Adams

7 Nov 18, 2018
Reply by Maxim Adams

to go and look for vs. to fetch

Scenario: I need something which may or may not be in the garage.  If I know where it is in the garage, I will "fetch" it (je vais le cherc…

Started by Billy Bosworth

3 Nov 11, 2018
Reply by Chantal Savignat

avoir descendu l'arbre

Why is the above sentence considered incorrect to translate 'I climbed/came down the tree'? I am of the understanding that 'Descendre de l'…

Started by michael rivers

6 Oct 15, 2018
Reply by Chantal Savignat

How to say live or lived in a country?

Do you live in France? Did you live in France? Avez-vous vécu en France? Résidiez-vous en France?My question is whether a native French…

Started by Crack1

6 Oct 7, 2018
Reply by Crack1

Not a question

but in homage to Charles Aznavour who died yesterday. Hier encore j’avais vingt ansJe caressais le tempsEt jouais de la vieComme on joue d…

Started by Chantal Savignat

0 Oct 2, 2018

Spent 10 minutes or 2 hours

I spent a month in France. J'ai passé un mois en France. My French sentence is fine. I spent 10 minutes on the street. However you didn…

Started by Crack1

7 Sep 14, 2018
Reply by George Hunt

word order

i may have asked this  a long time ago.  i was once told here that "french isn't always logical."  here's the sentence and translation: Il…

Started by alan gould

6 Sep 9, 2018
Reply by Crack1

se rendre usage ...

Is "se rendre" used in everyday conversation to convey the meaning of "to go somewhere"? It's commonly used in text books, but it somehow s…

Started by Billy Bosworth

2 Aug 13, 2018
Reply by George Hunt

"not really"

i would use "pas vraiment" to merely say "not really" but i see "pas tellement" is a choice.  is this common when nothing else is said but…

Started by alan gould

2 Aug 3, 2018
Reply by Chantal Savignat

Faire la fine bouche devant qch

Is this sentence correct? Is it how the statement would normally be made? Elle a fait la fine bouche devant les repas ordinaires. She was…

Started by Dwayne Roberts

4 May 29, 2018
Reply by Chantal Savignat


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