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What's your bête noire of French grammar?

Dear all, I'm looking to expand the site's French grammar section so am looking for suggestions of new topics to include. So in a nutshell…

Started by Neil CoffeyLatest Reply

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"une fois" meaning "once"

i have the sentence  une fois l'ambulance partie, la foule s'est disperse'e.  the crowd dispersed once the ambulance had left.   i'm surp…

Started by alan gould

1 on Tuesday
Reply by George Hunt

se trouver

i think i can determine when to use "retrouver" rather than "trouver" but i never saw "se trouver" before and don't see the need.  here's t…

Started by alan gould

1 Feb 17
Reply by George Hunt


is this a word i should learn?  the dictionary defines it as "hold" and "influence" and gives the example "e'tendre son emprise such qch." …

Started by alan gould

1 Jan 14
Reply by George Hunt

to set the table

dictionary has  dresser la table, mettre la table, and mettre le couvert.  are all three used?  merci d'avance

Started by alan gould

1 Jan 11
Reply by George Hunt

cambrioler, agresser, braquer

i know the first in the sense of breaking into a house.  the 2nd is the equivalent of "to mug" (on the street).  i saw "braquer" for the fi…

Started by alan gould

1 Jan 11
Reply by George Hunt


i saw the word "attarde'" but i was told not to use it.  i guess it's insulting.  is "de'bile mental" the proper way to refer to a person w…

Started by alan gould

4 Jan 8
Reply by alan gould

qu'est ce que- what is/are

Do qu'est-ce que and qu'est ce que c'est que mean the same as quel est or do they express something else? i.e Could "what is the answer?" b…

Started by michael rivers

6 Dec 31, 2017
Reply by Chantal Savignat

Cette nuit

Je dois dire que cette nuit j'ai rêvé que j'étais retraité. I must tell you that, last night, I dreamt I was a pensioner. ---------------…

Started by Crack1

2 Dec 13, 2017
Reply by Chantal Savignat

Je n'ai pas de + [noun in the singular or plural?]

I've seen it written both ways. What are the grammatical rules that govern the choice between either option? What is the difference in tran…

Started by Erick G.

1 Sep 28, 2017
Reply by George Hunt

"porter" or "se mettre" clothes?

i know "se mettre" for wearing clothes.  is "porter" also commonly used?  

Started by alan gould

1 Sep 19, 2017
Reply by Sandra


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