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I learned today that "facture" is used for "workmanship" when referring to an artist or artisan, hence "de très bonne facture"  means "beautifully made."  is "facture" used in other instances for "workmanship?"  if not, I would use "la qualité du travail."  

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I  (wrongly) thought that "la facture" just meant the bill or invoice. I hadn't come across that usage.

They seem quite unrelated.

The origin is that originally "facture" simply meant "making, manufacture"-- the word ultimately shares the same root as the verb "faire" (Latin "facere"; the participle that is nowadays "fait" in French was originally "factum" in Latin).

Nowadays, it is only retained in this stricter sense of "quality of manufacture, craftsmanship" and of course with the evolved sense of "bill, invoice".

As Christine says, "facteur" still exists with the sense of e.g. "facteur de pianos" = "piano maker". But the word used to have a much wider sense, being used to refer to tradesman and merchants generally, hence the use of "facture" to refer to an invoice.

It comes, I think, from the word "facteur", which is not only used for the postman, but also for an artisan that makes music instruments. "Facture" refers to the way an object is made, and the result.

But "de bonne facture" is used even for something that is not made by an artisan or an artist, so you can probably use for any object you want. At least, I can't really think of something you absolutely can't use it for.


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