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I have seen this rather un-French looking word a few times and recently noticed (and remembered) the following usage: "leurs devoirs kraft". 

I have checked the literal meaning of "kraft" and from that I think in this case it means "basic duties"?

Context: the expression was used in a description of various computer components and their functions. 

Looking forward to your comments (as ever) :-).

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The only meaning of this word I know is a type of brown/yellow paper used for envelopes or packaging...

Ceci est une enveloppe Kraft.

I don't see how it can be related to homework or duty .... Maybe a special kind of homework you have to do on this kind of paper ?

Online gamers tend to have an abusive use of the English word "craft" in "Frenchized" form but with the same meaning, "to craft" = "crafter". Maybe a clue ?

Did you read it or heard it ?

Hi Sandra,

thanks for your reply. I was watching a YouTube review of a computer, which also had subtitles. This is the section of the subtitled text: 

mais vous pourrez même lancer des jeux pas trop gourmands graphiquement  je pense qu’à eux car leurs devoirs kraft peut tourner dessus [le] ou ce genre de choses j’ai essayé de lancer une session

If you would like to experience it for yourself, here is the link and the above text comes at around 5:54 minutes into the recording. (There's an icon at bottom right to switch on the text - apologies if you know that already). 

It is hard to make out - the subtitles are not always correct of course.

I think there is  a computer /video game called "Warcraft" and that is probably what that is about.

Does he mis-speak ?

Is he saying /trying to say something along the lines of " on devrait/ on va voir  Warcraft tourner dessus  " but the words  get mixed up in his mouth?

Edit :is the game called "World of Warcraft" ?

I think you are right - the text doesn't seem to line up with his speech, but there are numerous places where I struggled to reconcile them throughout the video. I will settle that it's something to do with Warcraft, particularly as he was talking about resource-hungry games. Thanks for your input. 

Hello George.

You are right.

He says "vous pourrez même lancer des jeux pas trop gourmands graphiquement, je pense qu'un Word of Warcraft peut tourner dessus ou ce genre de choses ...."

Hello Chantal,

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year too. To you, your family and everyone in this forum.


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