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I saw a host (overnight accommodation) described as "très pausé."  my dictionary gave the example of 

"un style très pausé" which it defined as a "rigorous style."  so, does this mean that as a host, the woman is very involved, very hands-on, very meticulous in making sure everything is tended to?  merci d'avance

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Hello !

If describing a person the adjective "pausé" would be better translated as "calm".

Quelqu'un de pausé est quelqu'un de très calme, poli, qui réfléchit toujours avant d'agir ou de parler et qui sait donc mettre ses hôtes à l'aise.

Someone "pausé" est a very calm and polite person who always think before they talk or act/react and therefore know how to make their guests conformable.

Be careful in the sentence "elle est très pausée" you must accord the participe "pausé" with the noun gender. (here feminine => +e)

We also  have the word "poised" in English.

I think it seems a coincidence  since the sound is similar  to "pausé "but I don't think they are connected even though the meaning is also similar.

I think "poised"  refers to the physicality  of the person  more then "pausé" .

Actually it's "posée" from the verb "poser" (to set down, to put down) not "pausée". And it means stable, calm, moderate, free from any agitation, the contrary of jumpy and erratic. You can't use it with any noun, for instance you can't say "la mer est posée" to mean "la mer est calme". "Posé" is chiefly used for humans.

I think you are right.

Alan's dictionary may be at fault if it gives "un style très pausé" as an example.

i just looked up "posée" and it is "calm" so my dictionary's not at fault for defining another word that i looked up.  the host was swedish so it's unlikely the comment written in french was not by a native french speaker.  i can see misspelling a word, but it's surprising the writer used the wrong word since it would have been natural to use "poser" based on pronunciation.  the writer definitely intended to say the host is very calm cuz lots of people made that comment.  for the record, i disliked the host and would have chosen a nasty word.  but yes, she had a superficial calm.  i guess due to lack of conscience.    

"poised" is most likely related.  it's defined as composed, self-assured, elegant.  i can't recall ever seeing it used for a man.  it seems to be reserved for women.  beauty pageant contestants are judged on their poise.       


I must say I'm a native speaker and this is a mistake I make very often if I don't pay enough attention... "pose" and "pause" (break) have the exact same pronunciation and I keep switching them when I write....

I didn't even notice the mistake in the original post.... -_-

So it's very probable the author made a spelling mistake...

it's great that you pointed that out.  i wouldn't have thought to listen to the pronunciation.  i would have assumed it's pronounced the way "cause" is.  i'll have to check on pronunciations more often

by the way, i knew the writer failed to add the required feminine "e" so clearly she's quite lax

Why would you call a writer "lax" for misspelling a word?  You yourself did it above when you wrote "cuz" instead of "because".


it's an abbreviation.  


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