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Épouser and se marier

It seems both épouser and se marrier represent the English words get marry. I would like to know the difference between the two words. P…

Started by Crack1

2 Jun 2, 2017
Reply by Stevo


Summer is looming. I must fix my bike. Yesterday, I upended my bike to clean the chain and to fix a few things. French uses the word 're…

Started by Crack1

5 Jun 2, 2017
Reply by Stevo

Take pains

I have taken pains to arrange a trip for him. I took pains to arrange a trip for him. How do you translate take pains into French? Tak…

Started by Crack1

6 May 8, 2017
Reply by George Hunt

Key Student

Functions of "en" and "déjà" in sentence

I am returning to my study of French after a gap, and I have come across this sentence (quoted in "Le Bon Usage" to illustrate a grammatica…

Started by Curt Jugg

2 Dec 23, 2016
Reply by Curt Jugg


Hey everyone! Just wondering about slang and colloquialisms that you use with friends and family. Any input would be much appreciated!  T…

Started by Alice

2 Dec 20, 2016
Reply by Esteban de la Cruz

Jour/journée with number and attributive adjective

I was told that you should always use "jour" with numbers and "journée" with attributive adjectives. But what happens when you want say som…

Started by michael rivers

4 Dec 13, 2016
Reply by Esteban de la Cruz

Information and renseignement

It seems the English word information has 2 French words. One is its namesake and the other one is renseignement. When I went to Paris,…

Started by Crack1

9 Nov 23, 2016
Reply by Crack1


The accepted/official translation of the word "clockwise" is something like: dans le sens des aiguilles d'une montre.  C'est vraiment une b…

Started by Billy Bosworth

2 Nov 13, 2016
Reply by Vedas

clopin clopant

i just heard the song and looked up the meaning.  it means to hobble along and the only example i saw was "marcher clopin clopant."  is it…

Started by alan gould

7 Nov 13, 2016
Reply by Vedas

verbes pronominaux de "communication"

That is, followed by "à". For example: se téléphoner, s'offrir, s'écrire. I need a list. Why is this so hard to find? My students need to k…

Started by george willms

5 Nov 2, 2016
Reply by Grégory


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