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Vous êtes hôte depuis six mois ! Et même si vous n'avez pas encore hébergé de voyageur, nous espérons que vous serez tenté de le faire. Vous pourrez être intimidé au début, mais des centaines de milliers d'hôtes ont jugé l'expérience très gratifiante. Nous sommes à vos côtés tandis que vous imaginez ce que pourraient être les six prochains mois !

Today I have received the above email. 


I can't find the meaning of the word 'höte'?

Vous êtes hôte depuis six mois. 

Since 6 months you are out of touch?  ( THIS ENGLISH TRANSLATION SOUNDS WEIRD FOR MY EARS.)

I was in France some weeks ago. I used the services of AIRBNB. I made reservations and everything using my French. However, my French is rotten. They have sent the above message.

Could you kindly translate the French message into English?

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I thought "un höte' was a landlord or a host.

Air BnB seems to think you intend putting people up (providing accommodation) , but from what you say you have only used the service as a traveler.

Thanks George

I am registered with them as a person to take tourists.

I have had several inquiries to stay with me.

I turned down all the requests.

However, I have used Airbnb services to stay at places in Germany, Italy and France.

It is my understanding that the diacritical mark over the 'o' in hôte indicates a missing "s"--as ecôle means "school".  Therefore, I would assume hôte to mean "host".  They are telling you that since you registered as a host 6 months ago, you haven't had anyone in your apartment.  They go on to say not to be intimidated about strangers, that many people find the experience of being a host very gratifying (hôtes ont jugé l'expérience très gratifiante).

Thanks Charles

To be candid, I am a bit worried about strangers. You know people get drunkard and play hell. I have had several inquiries. I have turned down them.

Of course, I can get some money. I can't tolerate unruly behavior, however.


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