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I'm familiar with its use when meaning turning a vehicle to go in another direction: 

Il faut virer le bateau ! - You have to turn the boat! 

It's easy to remember because of the English verb "to veer" as in "veer to the right."  

I suspect "virer" is preferable to "transferer" when referring to transfering money.  

Are these other two uses of "virer" commonly used?  

Ma chemise a viré au rose - My shirt turned pink. (to change color)  

"Il a viré ma femme !" - He kicked my wife out!


merci d'avance 

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Yes, that's a strange verb indeed. In the banking context, is deposit a better translation than transfer?

I don't know but are you thinking of "verser" (to mean "to deposit")?

Also my acquaintance with "virer" has been  to mean "to fire" or "to lay off".

(I am not familiar with its other meanings)

ok for the whole of translations.

in banking, there is a slight difference in using this verb :

- verser / déposer  = I have money and I charge it into my account.

- transférer = I have money into my account and I send money into another country

- virer = I have one account and I send money from my account into another one.

I just came across another meaning. Virer can mean to change one's sexual preference -- "go gay", primarily. What an amazing verb it is!


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