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Summer is looming.

I must fix my bike.

Yesterday, I upended my bike to clean the chain and to fix a few things.

French uses the word 'renverser' to upend, according the dictionary.

How do I say I upended the bike in French?

Maybe a native French speaker has some other ideas on my question.

J'ai renversé mon velo. MAYBE INCORRECT.

I know faire du velo is go cycling.

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"renverser" was the word that came to my mind. However it may be that "renverser" has the connotation of a disorderly upending.(almost "break up" - you can "renverser"  a jug of water ,for example)

"Mettre à l'envers" might be more what you are looking for here.

"J'ai mis le velo a l'envers"

This may help:

My phrase "J'ai mis le velo a l'envers" does not seem very common on Google  but perhaps  that reflects the fact that it is not a common activity ;-)

Thanks George

Your reply sounds natural to my ears.

Are you a native French speaker?

If you are a native French speaker, I will accept it without blinking an eye.

I guess you are either British or American.

However, you possess a good command of French.

Recently, I told you that I went to Sri Lanka.

I forgot to telly you I spent nearly 2 weeks in Paris en route to Colombo.

I tried to practice my French in Paris. It was tough.

I trained at a Paris gym twice. I spoke French with the people who work at the gym.

They charged 20 euros every time I trained. That is expensive.

I will go there again in summer.

France is always nice.

Hi Cracki

Yes my French is not too bad but I will nearly always  defer to a native speaker (or to a non native speaker with a better -or even similar- familiarity of the language than  mine)

Since we do not have many of those frequenting  the site at the moment ,I just give my opinion for what it is worth.

You are welcome to accept my opinion on a conditional and a case by case  basis  if it is not contradicted and if it sounds reasonable -unless of course you are studying for an exam when it is more important to actually  be correct.


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