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"tout juste bon à faire de la retrempe"

I'm stumped on how to translate this to English.  Help, anyone?

Merci bien et thanks! Mimi

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If the context is, perhaps, swimming, it might be Just right for another dip.


In any context I think I'd render Tout juste bon à... as Just right for....

I wonder if that's a bit positive-sounding, though (or is that a US/UK difference?) In the UK, I think something like "Barely worthy of...", "Just about worthy of..." would be closer.

"Ainsi nous réfutions les décisions du Club du Sloughi de l'époque qui considérait l'Oska comme une forme dérivée du Sloughi tout juste bon à faire de la retrempe, ce qui a été pratiqué maintes fois"

Hereabove  is the full paragraph.  This is from an article I am translating, about a rare West African breed of dog. It is known in Western countries as the Azawakh, but called Oska in its country of origin, by the Touareg nomads who breed them.

The Oska looks somewhat like a  Sloughi (from North Africa). The discussion is about the Sloughi fanciers being snotty about the Azawakh-Oski, saying it is nothing but a worthless varietal of the Sloughi. Oska lovers proved that genetically the Oska had little to do with the Sloughi and was in fact a separate breed. Well, you asked for context, so...!

Perhaps, the translation should be, barely worthy of another kick, or beating?  Thanks for the rapid reply.  I'm here in California in the middle of the afternoon, thinking the rest of the world must be in bed! Mimi

Sorry, I'm stumped. Neil's probably correct (he usually is) that Tout juste bon à is more like Just about OK for...

I'm in California too. Bright sunlight but still chilly air. Snowline down to 1000ft.

"tout juste bon à faire de la retrempe"

At the moment I've translated that to:

"hardly good enough to make the ??"

It's the word "retrempe" that still is a problem. Suggestion for that word?


Thanks again, Mimi

In the Sierra Foothills here, sunny at 42° F (7° C) 942 feet elevation.

I would suggest Googling e.g. "élevage retrempe" and seeing how the word is used specifically in dog breeding. I thiiiink they're saying something like "this race is just about good enough if you want to add some new blood to the mix", but my knowledge of dog breeding is effectively zilch.
It seems "retrempe" as a special meaning in dog breeding.
I found this translation in a specialized web site : "outcross"
(avoid inbreeding using another breed of dog)


"tout juste bon à faire de la retrempe"

At the moment I've translated that to:

"hardly good enough for an outcross"


Outcross.  That does it.  Thank you!  Mimi


For what it's worth I think "just about good enough" would be closer to the French.


Ok. "Just about good enough for an outcross"  is more accurate and a bit more positive in tone. 

Thanks to all for the help. Mimi

Another dog context question, this time, coat color description.  What does 'la liste' mean in this context? Thanks again, see below, Mimi Drake

pour la liste : Très inconstante, elle se limite le plus souvent au museau. La tête peut présenter un masque noir.>>


Translates to:


for the ?? Very inconsistent, it is limited most often  to the muzzle. The head can have a black mask.


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