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Hello can someone let me know if  ..... je m'en fou je viens
besoin de te voir..... says 


"I do not care,  just want to see you."
 I hope it is in a familiar / friendly tone?

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 Je m'en fous   J'ai besoin de te voir  makes more sense  and would mean what you said.

It sounds friendly enough  and it would be a familiar way of speaking.

Just note that "J'ai besoin de te voir" means "I need to see you". A litteral translation would be "Je veux juste te voir" (but "j'ai besoin[...]" conveys more or less the same meaning, and I'd rather use that myself).

I would say Je m'en fous is a bit stronger than I don't care. I don't give a damn or I don't give a shit is more like it, surely?

So is there an alternative to "je m'en fous" that is a little less strong apart from "Ça m'est égale" which seems a little matter of fact? (I think "je m'en fiche" is exactly the same isn't it?)

George: "Je m'en fiche" is a bit less 'vulgar' than "je m'en fous".

A politer (but still not formal) alternative would be "je m'en moque".

....then there's Je m'en branle. I think only guys say that.

"Elle s'en branle" seems to be commonplace though only half as much (according to instances in Google returns) than "il s'en branle" !


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