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I want to make a title for an article in french that means "The way baronesses are made".

I came with

"Qu'on fait des baronnes" (short for "C'est ainsi qu'on fait des baronnes")

The variants below seem to be less intersting or correct:

"La façon dont des baronnes sont faites"

"Ainsi naissent des baronnes"

"On fait donc des baronnes"

Help me to form the title right.

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Comment sont crees les Baronnes.

Maybe that works.By "make" ,you mean the procedure do you?

Not how they are physically assembled as if in a manufacturing process. surely.

Maybe a native French speaker will give a better answer.

Maybe also "Comment devient-on (une?) Baronne? "

Thank you. Yes I would like to regard it as a process all baronesses are made. More correctly it should be cosidered as ambiguity. The english phrase is perfect in this context.

Maybe use "se faire"?

So "Comment se font les Baronnes?"  might work. 

i would just go w "comment faire une baronne"


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