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I spent a month in France.

J'ai passé un mois en France.

My French sentence is fine.

I spent 10 minutes on the street. However you didn't turn up.

J'ai passé 10 minutes dans la rue. Mais tu es n'est pas venu.

Is my French translation fine ? I am not sure. Please help me.

Maybe the verb passer does not fit when it comes to short period of time.

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There may be other ways of saying it but "passer"

works fine.

But it is correct to say "tu n'es  pas  venu. "    instead of what you wrote.

You could,of course say "j'ai attendu dix minutes...." or even "j'ai fait dix minutes...." (not so sure about that,but I think it might work)

for a few examples of "passer dix secondes"

Thanks George

In English, it is natural to say I waited for 10 minutes instead of I spent 10 minutes.

I thought,when it is a short period time similar 5 or 10 minutes native, French people would use a different verb.

We say "j'ai attendu 10 minutes dans la rue. Mais tu n'es pas venu"

In slang : "J'ai poireauté 10 minutes dans la rue. Mais tu n'es pas venu"

Thanks Chantal

I presume you are a native French speaker.

I waited/spent 10 minutes is 'J'ai attendu 10 minutes dans la rue.

So on the street is 'dans la rue'.

If you waited inside a shopping center or inside a car, do you write 'dans la boutique/dans la voiture?

I am not sure.

Yes .


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