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Is there a difference in meaning between:

1. Je sais la vérité     and

2. Je connait la vérité.

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Sorry I meant:

Je connais la vérité!

Yes , I would say there is a difference.

 "connaitre" implies an in depth  knowledge  and "savoir" would be more "factual"  and less contextual.

"La vérité." ,as implied by the use of savoir might almost be summed up as a yes/no kind of   knowledge.

In my opinion.....

In most cases, I don't think a french speaker would make any difference between these two verbs in that sentence. I could use both.

Unlike George, I think that Savoir implies an in depth knowledge, and that Connaître is more factual, but it's really a matter of "feeling" in most cases.

Basically,  Connaître means "to know that something exists", Savoir means "to know this thing in a more substancial way", but very often, they have the same meaning.

It should be 'French speaker'.

In English the word 'French' is a proper noun.

So we always write 'French' not 'french'

You are a native French speaker. NOT You are a native french speaker.

Thanks, I forgot that.


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