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Je pourrais revenir l'année prochaine . 

Je veux revenir l'année prochaine .

Je voudrais revenir l'année prochaine .

Peut-être que je viendrai bientôt à nouveau .

Peut-être que je reviendrai à mon retour .

Il ya une grande chance que je visite ici.


I might come next year again.

I want to come next year again.

I would like to come next year again.
Maybe I will come soon again.
Maybe I will come again on my way back.

There is a great chance that I visit here again. 

(Let us say you visited a place and you want to come and visit again that place.

Do you use 'revindra' or 'revnir'?)

I don't think all my French sentences pass the test.

Please correct them.

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Actually in the English I would be tempted to say " come again next year " rather than " come next year again".

It is not incorrect to separate "come " and "again" like that but the sense is a little different.

Also "come soon again" sounds better as "come again soon"

"je reviendrai/il reviendra " is the future tense of "revenir" and both "revnir" and "revindra" as you have written them are misspellings.

George, the way you put it, it sounds almost like you're saying 'soon again' sounds good. But I see that you didn't mean that. In fact, that expression is self-contradictory, because 'soon' means exactly 1 time.

"come soon again" is not exactly incorrect but it would not mean the same thing as "come again soon".

I think it would mean that someone had a habit of "coming soon".

That would be an inelegant expression but it could be used for particular circumstances(perhaps as part of a comedic exchange" and it would ,I think be a "forced expression". (unnatural)

I'd say Il y a de grandes chances

And reviendrai-je is cooler than que je reviendrai even if both are corrects. I also don't really like this sentence.But je reviendrai à mon retour tells to time the same thing. I don't think à mon retour is necessary.

Could retourner be used instead of revenir  as well?  This would denote 'returning' as opposed to 'coming back'.

The only difference is revenir can be alone.

Je reviens is correct but je retourne isn't.

But j'y retourne and j'y reviens are both corrects.

Ah, I see.

I am pretty sure you can use "retourner" but I have never familiarized myself with that usage and so never use it personally .

I would be interested if you get an answer to that.


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