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It seems both épouser and se marrier represent the English words get marry.

I would like to know the difference between the two words.

Please tell me. What is the difference between the 2 words ?

I have learnt 'se marier' means get married. This borders an idiomatic expression.

Once my French teacher asked me ' vous êtes marié ? 

Are you married ? This was her question.

It seems, you have to use different words, to ask 'Will you marry me? or Are you married? , in French. 

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"Se marier"                =to get married

"épouser"                     = to marry

(vous êtes )" marié"   = you are married.

In that last example , "marié" is used as an adjective, even though it is the past participle form of the verb " marier" and would be spelt  " mariée" if it was a woman.

"épouser" and  "marier"  are more or less the same but (in my opinion) "épouser" is more formal.

Hi. The George's explanation is perfect. Nothing to add. ;-)


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