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Tintin and Haddock are in a car and it's raining. Haddock is irritated by the rain.
I tried to translate the text on the image. But I don't understand the parts of the windscreen wipers.
If I understand correctly they fail to work properly due to humidity. Can somebody help me translate the texts? Thank you!

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Haddock: Zut,the windscreen wipers (that are) not working. That is all we needed.

Tintin:It is on account of the humidity.Stay calm,as soon as it stops raining they will get going again (  -;)   )

Haddock: Ah ,here we are!

Haddock: Tintin ,my windscreen wipers!

Tintin:Well,that's perfect,they are working again.

Haddock: I know very well they are working.!It is just that I can't get them to stop(any more)....

Any help?

This is already very cool! Thank you! I also wanted to know why the windscreen wipers stopped working and why they suddenly can't be stopped. Why would windscreen wipers stop working due to humidity? This story was written in 1960. Was this a common problem in that time? It's not a very important part of the story but I really would like to understand this side joke.
(Later on they even go to a garage to repair them, I think)

It is just absurd . Things go wrong  back to front.

The wipers fail when they are needed and we need to wait for them not to be needed for them to start working again.

It is a bit like slapstick the humour of the silent movies.

So, there really is no logical reason? I guess I just have to accept that. Hahaha
Hey, thank you very much for your respons!

Perhaps a definition of comedy ,the breakdown of logical process? (they say that if you have to explain a joke it is no longer funny)

hmm that seems like a good definition! (That's true)


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