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I found some pages on the web from an unfinished Tintin comic, titled: "Tintin et le thermozéro''

Tintin and Haddock are in Italie on a road and Haddock was almost hit by several cars...

I translated most of the text but I don't know what this part means:

Haddock: Il a manqué me tuer, ce zigomar-là! Mais qu'est-ce qu'ils ont à rouler comme des fous? on devrait interidre la route à tous ces chauffards qui dépassent le 60 à l'heure!

Tinin: De ce côte-là, vous seriez en règle: il n'y a que dans les fortes descentes que mélanie frôle le 70!

Can you please help me to translate it?

Merci beaucoup!

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Ok  Just a rough attempt:

Haddock: He nearly killed me,that "zigomar(!) ! What are  they doing driving like mad men. They should  keep those hotheads (I  guess) that do over 60 kph off the roads!


Over there you would be right. Melanie (name of the car?)  only gets close to 70 in the  steep inclines!

Hope that works?

Thank you very much, great!


chauffards is rather reckless drivers or roadhogs

I wonder what it comes from?I guessed it came from "chaud" but it could be "chauffeur" I suppose  -or maybe something else.

Yes, it comes from "chauffeur" + derogatory suffix "ard"


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