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Aujourd'hui a la tele, on a dit "Une marche blanche".  Que'est ce que cela veut dire?

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Now when something, very hard, violent, unfair, dramatic .... append ( for exemple when a child is murdered, ...) a lot of people get together with the family of the victim and walk in a silent march. They are dressed in white. They have pictures of the victim. And they walk silently to support the family and to show that they are sensible with this drama or with the fight.

We had one of them yesterday at Paris for a granny who was murdered by two young boys. It was an horrible crime.

i'll add that i think maxim had heard the phrase "passe une nuit blanche" since it's the title of the post.  i know the phrase to mean that u couldn't sleep that night -- j'ai passe' une nuit blanche

Thank you, everyone, for your replies. I heard "marche blanche" on the French news in relation to the incident Chantal mentions. And Alan is quite right: I called the post "Pas une nuit blanche" because "une nuit blanche" is a sleepless night.  


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