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i would use "pas vraiment" to merely say "not really" but i see "pas tellement" is a choice.  is this common when nothing else is said but the 2 words?  Tx

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"pas tellement" is "not a lot"

"pas vraiment" is not really.

Of course ,depending on context you could use either. (more"vraiment" for "tellement" than the other way round,I would say)

I don't know exactly what means "not really". I think it's rather "pas vraiment".

But the two  "pas vraiment" and "pas tellement" could be used to answer a sentence for exemple even if they don't have exactly the same meaning.

- As-tu faim ?

- "Pas vraiment" = no, not really

- As tu faim ?

- Pas tellement = not so much, not a lot.  A so little quantity that it's like I am not hungry.


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