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Next year will bring peace and prosperity for all of us.  


The next year will bring peace and prosperity for all of us.  THIS MEANS 365 DAYS FROM TODAY.

I want to know the French look at this difference. And your thoughts are welcome.

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Have you thought of using "l'année" instead of "l'an".

It expresses the on going duration of the year in a similar way to "la journée" as contrasted with"le jour".

Maybe you can find a way to use it.

"A l'année prochaine" means "see you (sometime) next year".

You wouldn't say "a l'an prochain" in that circumstance,in my opinion.

Some thoughts :

About the second sentence :365 days from today. And about how to translate "365 days from today". It would be "l'année à venir" or "1 an" but not "une année".

As a french native I won't have make a difference between these two sentences before you said there is one.

As a french native if I'd have to write this sentence, I would never write the first sentence without "the" because of french words with articles.

If I'd have to translate these two sentences I would write

1) L'an prochain nous apportera à tous paix et prospérité.

2) L'année à venir nous apportera à tous paix et prospérité.

but it's not really a satisfactory translation to show the difference.


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