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Can someone explain me what does this mean?

n’en est pas un moins

I understand it from the Spanish like this:  n’en est pas moins

In Spanish we say  No es menos que...

we also say  No es más que...

and nada más y nada menos que...

If someone knows Spanish here, would you please help me to make sense of this. I don't know what people say in English in these cases.

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I don't  myself know Spanish very well but you can find an old discussion on this  expression  here:

If you want to post an example or two in French  I am sure I could  probably understand the meaning....

Thank you for your reply.

I found the phrase in a text about Stromae

 "Formidable", s’il m’horripile par son phrasé, n’en est pas un moins un morceau extrêmement bien produit par ses soins et s’appuyant sur un instrumental magnifique.

I don't know why he wrote :  n’en est pas un moins. I mean un before moins.

Some examples from internet here:

Si quelqu'un essaide dévaliser unbanque et se rend compte qu'il n'y a pas d'argent dans le coffre,

cette personne n'en est pas moins un voleur de banque.

If one attempts to rob a bank and finds that there is no money in the vault, it does not mean one is not a bank robber.


Il n'en est pas moins vrai que...Nonetheless....

Cela n'en est pas moins un pas dans la bonne  direction.  

It is nevertheless a first step in thright direction.

Le travail des enfants n'en est pas moins répréhensible, mais le blâme doit être partagé.  

This did not make child labour any less reprehensible, but the blame hasto be apportioned. 

Si l'activité physique a de grandes vertus préventives contre la maladie, elle n'en est pas moins unalliée pour soigner et gérer des maladies.
While physical activity has powerful disease prevention properties, it is no less oan ally when it comes to curing and managing diseases.
Et le résultat s'il est simplissime n'en est pas moins bluffant...
And the result, though very simple, is nevertheless amazing...
Conservatoire d'un style épris de lumière et de fantaisie, cette demeuren'en est pas moins parfaitement habitable, mais laisserait aux acquéreurs la possibilité de se livrer, à leur tour...
As well as being a conservatory of a style full of light and originality, this residence is perfectly habitable, although it leaves buyers the possibilitof taking their turn in indulging...

Yes I think that is a mistake on the part of the author.  I think you  are right  and  if he had written :

 "Formidable", s’il m’horripile par son phrasé, n’en est pas  moins un morceau extrêmement bien produit par ses soins et s’appuyant sur un instrumental magnifique

 it would make sense to me as well. It looks to me like one of those copy /cut and paste mistakes  I make all the time.....

The other examples you have gathered  seem to me to be  correct and the translations are also fine . It is just the first passage   about that musician,Stromae  that  do not make sense  to me as written.

Hope that puts that to bed :)

Thank you George,

yes after all the research and having your opinion as expert I think now it was just a mistake :)

I confirm !

This "un" before "moins" is a mistake, it makes no sens in french ^^

Merci Sandra!

I finished translating the first part of this article about Stromae and I understand everything except this expression:c’est de la com

 Le digne successeur de Jaques Brel ?  Quand il se dit gêné par cette comparaison, c’est de la com. 

I tried google  but I can't find anything that makes sense. Does it mean communication? 


"Com" is the spoken contraction of "communication"

C'est de la com = it's communication / advertisement.

When he says he is embarrassed to be compared to Jaques Brel, it's communication. (implied meaning = it's not a fully honest declaration)

Not short for comedie?

Mercy Sandra, it makes sense now.

In other words, he is embarrassed by the publicity that compares him to Jacques Brel.


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