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I had a hair cut today.

Je me faisis couper les cheveux.

I hope the above is fine.

I am not sure about my French sentence. Please correct it.

I must have a haircut.

Je dois faire couper les cheveux. Is this fine?


Your hair is cut by some other person. Why should it be a reflexive verb?

You fell down and injured; then you use the reflexive form. It is clear to me because you did it by yourself.

Je me suis blessé les coude.

I hurt/Inured my elbow

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I had a hair cut today = Je me suis fait couper les cheveux aujourd'hui.

faisis doen't exist. it's "je me faisais ..." but not here because the action is over, so it's "je me suis fait ..."

and you can also say "j'ai fait couper mes cheveux"

I must have a haircut = Je dois me faire couper les cheveux.

but you can also say "je dois faire couper mes cheveux".

the verb "faire" is particular.  it can be used with the 2 auxiliary "be" and "have". With "be" a reflexive form is  always used.

if you say "je dois faire couper les cheveux", with "les" you don't know whose hairs are these. so you must tell precisely "mes cheveux" or a reflexive form "me faire".

Since you asked for help with your english!

   "you don't know whose hairs are hair this isthese. "

thank you, George.

Je me suis blessé les le coude.

Thanks everybody for the replies.

One of my concerns were the use of the reflexive form.

As someone else cut your hair, why is it necessary to use the reflexive form?

I mean 'se couper' is reflexive.

Je me suis blessé le coude.

While training at the gym,I fell down and hurt my elbow. So it was my mistake that I got injured. We would write the reflexive form.

My friend looks at my wounded elbow and would use one of the following.

Il est blessé.

Il a été blessé.

Il était blessé.

Il avait été blessé.

[ Don't use the reflexive form.]

However, your hair is cut by a hairdresser. What is the necessity to write the reflexive form?

I know it is possible to cut your hair by yourself too.

Chantal wrote the following.

J'ai fait couper mes cheveux.

So it is fine to skip the reflexive form too.

One of my concerns were the use of the reflexive form.

As someone else cut your hair, why is it necessary to use the reflexive form?

I would like to hear from you all again.

I think it is connected with the fact that  that phrase in question  (Je dois me faire couper les cheveux.) uses "se faire couper" rather than "se couper".

In my mind the relexive pronoun is being associated with "faire" and  so it seems reasonable to me.

"J'ai fait couper mes cheveux" is considered as a bad french, it exists but it's not very beautiful. it ' s used in oral form, and is not considered as a literary way.

"je me suis fait couper les cheveux" is more used, it's the correct form in good french. I don't know why it is a reflexive form. But "me" is the word in this sentence to indicate that it's my hair and it's an other person who cuts my hair.

Thanks for the replies

George, the words 'se faire' is reflexive

I cut my nails.

So the following is correct.

Je me fais les ongles.

Even someone else could cut my nails. In that case, I wouldn't write the above.


George wrote the following:

Since you asked for help with your english!

It should be the following:

Since you asked for help with your English!



You are right about using English rather than english.

However it was always much easier to follow that rule  when writing   by hand. I couldn't tell you how much time I have wasted on this keyboard  on account of the Caps Lock  key!

By the time I have looked up from the keyboard to the screen ( after writing ,say, " I...  ") I see there is  a line or two of  capital letters that now need to be deleted!

I don't suppose you would have a solution to that  ,would you?

Make sure cap. key is off after an abbreviation.

Thanks but what do you mean by "an abbreviation" ?

The "problem" occurs  when I use the Caps Lock key since I simply forget to take it off immediately afterwards .Not every time of course  but often enough to make typing  more laborious than it should be.

It is a bit analogous to when you use the indicator (to turn left or right) in a car.It will automatically switch itself off when you have turned the corner.

However the computer does not have a corresponding  facility  and  so I have ended up with quite a lot of wasted time and frustration over the years on the keyboard! (not this time!)


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