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i cleaned yesterday for a french guy who was speaking english but then told me not to use a lot of water on his balcony.  he switched to french and told me not to "laver a grande l'eau."  i just looked it up and there's a swiss river called the "grande Eau."  it's the source of the expression "laver a grande l'eau."  are there other times when u would use "a grande l'eau" other than w "laver?"  Tx    

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Seems to be mainly used with "laver" although "nettoyer"  also works.

It's "a grande   l'   eau" btw.


that expression means "with a lot of water" so just for "laver", "rincer" "nettoyer".

I seem to remember the expression "a grands flots". Does that mean the same thing and are there other similar "a grands...." expressions?

"à grandes eaux" or "à grande eau" : "eau" means really water and not anything else and this expression is only for water, or washing with water.

There are "les grandes eaux" too = big fountains (at Versailles for exemple) but always fountains with waters.

"à grands flots' may be used for water and for something else than water. used for "a lot of" (very important, aboundantly) for a liquid : "lors de la guerre, le sang a coulé à grands flots".

used with "lumière" too. "Un grand flot de lumière".

"à grands pas"

"à grands frais"

"à grands renforts"

"à grande échelle"

"à grands coups de"

"en grandes pompes"


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