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i never heard of the former before.  it see it can b a rug or a door mat.  is it smaller than un tapis?  is there a difference?  Tx

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i see tapis can also b just a mat so i don't see when to use carpette.    

we don't use the word "la carpette" now in conversation. we use "le tapis".

I know 2 ways to use the word "carpette".

- In some publicity papers for parquet floor and carpets.

- in one well known expression but "carpette" means not really "tapis".  "c'est une carpette" "il fait la carpette" = we speak about someone who doesn't rebel, who is coward in front of someone else. 

yes, i saw something that was the equivalent of the english "doormat".  we say "she only contacts u when she needs something.  she treats u like a doormat."  

That seems to fit.

"La moquette" is far better known to me .It seemed to be used more commonly  than "le tapis"

"La moquette" is not exactly "un tapis".

La moquette = the same matérial as "un tapis" but is sticked on the ground and generally the size is the same as the room. La moquette can't be moved every day.

"Un tapis" is laying on the floor and can be moved under the table one day and in front of the sofa another day.

So I would (now) call "un tapis" a "rug" and "la moquette" the "carpet".

I have been misunderstanding "le tapis" for  the last 50 years :-)


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