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I was told that you should always use "jour" with numbers and "journée" with attributive adjectives. But what happens when you want say something with both, like "I spent 3 great/magnificent days in Paris".  Would it be either

            "J'ai passé 3 grands jours/3 jours magnifiques à Paris" or

             "J'ai passé 3 grandes journées/3 journées magnifiques à Paris"

Is there a definitive rule or does it just depend on what you are trying to emphasise?




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"3 journées magnifiques" is fine (as is also "3 jours magnifiques")

"une  journée " carries the idea of the "day long" and "le jour"  is more the particular day as opposed to another day.

As with all rules there are surely instances when this does not apply (but I cannot give examples off hand) 

Thanks for the reply. So basically it can be either of the two depending on the nuance that you want to express.

That is my understanding.

That 'it. The Journée is the time contained in a Jour


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