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Je suis donc tombée enceinte trois fois avant mes 20 ans ; je n’avais pourtant oublié la pilule qu’une seule fois.


I'm curious about the ne... pourtant

Also, I'm cuious about the meaning of the sentence:

is it saying that she has *ALWAYS* used the pill correctly, and that she has never forgotton to, not even a single time?

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Enfin, lorsque j’ai reporté de deux jours ma visite de contrôle pour cause de partiels, le gynécologue en question a totalement pété les plombs, a dit que je ne pouvais pas lui faire ça, qu’il s’était comporté « comme un père pour moi ». J’ai compris qu’il était fou, je ne l’ai jamais rappelé malgré des dizaines de messages insensés.


does this mean that she reported him for malpractice? Is the words here "j'ai reporte de deux jours ma visite de controle?"


For context, he didn't allow her the use of anaesthetics.

does this mean that she reported him for malpractice?  No. Not from these sentences.

"j'ai reporte de deux jours ma visite de controle"  =I put back (rescheduled) my appointment by 2 days" I think.

I think it's ne ....que.  (- "only"

Pourtant is used separately (stand alone) to mean "however"

She only forgot to take the pill on one occasion.


 je n’avais pourtant oublié la pilule qu’une seule fois. = However I had only forgotten to take the pill once.

It only takes once! 

In full agreement with George Hunt on both questions.

I have a question with the meaning of this:

my teacher gave us this article on smart phones and a system of paying not with physical money but electronical money

 Au final, la question c’est : “A qui appartient le client” ? Pourquoi Apple ou Samsung [deux principaux fabricants de smartphones, qui pourraient débloquer la situation, ndlr] s’embêteraient à mettre des puces sans contact s’ils le déléguent ensuite à d’autres ? Tout le monde veut une part du gâteau. »

I don't understand the part in bold

 is the part in bold posing the question of client ownership amongst the giants such as Apple and Samsung, questioning why they should even bother to put the chips in if eventually, the chips will be delegated to all the other companies?

I am not quite sure but does the"le" in "s’ils le déléguent" not refer to "le client" ?

Does "déléguent" mean "hand over"? Or something similar?

Does "des puces sans contact" mean "wireless chips"?

as for des puces sans contact- yes it does mean wireless chips

and I'm not sure about "déléguent" or the "le", but I can give you the entire article(which I found) if you want more of a context.

 you can find that last paragraph Under 5. (the last paragraph)

The "le" is rather unclear, even in context. From the title, it seems to be the client, as you said, but it could also be the phone, or the fact that the companies could profit from the chips' technology to make even more money than just by selling it somehow (how exactly remaining a mystery: arrangement with the banks?). Basically, they seem to want to provide both the phone and the service.


Yup for "déléguer" - it's a transmission of power, or a discharge of duties.

thanks christine!!


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