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i saw both "la maitrise de francais" and l'aisance en francais".  are both used?  Tx

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I just use "Parler couramment".

Very unfamiliar with "l'aisance en francais"

"La maitrise de francais" does sound good to me though.

i'm familiar w "parler couramment" to use it as a verb.  i guess it could b used as a noun, but the example i have which is probably seen quite often is "fluency in english is required."  i first saw "la maitrise" but when i then keyed in "fluency" i saw the example i gave of "l'aisance"

Maybe there just is no exact translation

."une aisance" doesn't feel to me like a  word you would use in ordinary conversation (but that could be just because I cannot recall coming across it )



   [+speech, reading, writing]   aisance    f     
→ speeches of remarkable fluency        

     (in foreign language)    aisance    f     
fluency in a language      aisance dans une langue  
→ To work as a translator, you need fluency in at least one foreign language        
his fluency in French      son aisance en français

"La maîtrise du français" is used. (Il maîtrise le français) "La maîtrise de la langue" is used. "Parler couramment" is used too.

"L'aisance en français" is formal and not used in ordinary conversation.


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