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Une groupe anglophone devrait-il ou non avoir le droit de venir chanter lors d'une des celebrations organisees dans le cadre de la Fete Nationale?


An anglophone group would ought not to have their right to come to sing during some of the organized celebrations within the scope of the National Party?


Merci !

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Une groupe anglophone devrait-il ou non avoir le droit de venir chanter lors d'une des celebrations organisees dans le cadre de la Fete Nationale?

Should or should not a group of Anglophones have the right to come and sing at one of the celebrations  organised within the framework of the National Holiday?

  Am  a bit puzzled as to the context of this!

As I heard something similar about a festival with only French speaking artists, I think it might be about a band singing in English for the National Holiday in France (or another French speaking country). The band may be made of French artists, by the way, and people would just be upset because they don't sing in la langue de Molière...

Thanks (that is rather depressing all the same).

By the way I think I may have  found Rue de Bonne .It runs into Rue de Sault in the vicinity of Place Victor Hugo and is quite near la Gare in Grenoble !


"Bonne en face" does seem to also mean "directly opposite " but I was only  guessing.....

I completely agree!

Here's an article about the festival I was telling you about: You can see it in the last part, "Nucci expie ses fautes". My favourite part: "Mais rassurez-vous, car l'intéressé vient bien de l'Hexagone." Oh good, we're feeling much better if he's French... *rolls eyes*

Rue de Bonne does exist! Woohoo! :-D

Are you maybe thinking of "juste en face"? It seems almost the same and has the meaning of "directly opposite"...

No there seem to be quite a lot of instances of the phrase"bonne en face" (meaning "directly opposite" ) being used in its own right.--just not in this case apparently

I would be quite forgiving though about that article  as it seems to be tongue in cheek.

I seem to remember that the Doors were even more popular in France than in England or the US  and Jim Morrison died in France and is buried at Pere Lachaise.

Yes, this one is. And French (speaking) people tend to like English stuff a lot, but sometimes they seem to suddenly feel very patriotic about everything: cheese, language, movies, wine, culture and what not! As if fearing to be outnumbered by all those people who, would you believe it, don't even speak French! ;-)

In this particular case, the article would probably have been a lot more aggressive if the artist was singing in German instead of English (...yeah, it's a Swiss thing).


Could you give me an example of "bonne en face" used like this? I really tried to remember, but I can't think of a single case where I'd heard it used that way.

No you are right .I didn't look closely enough (sorry for the confusion).

I saw Il y a une petite crèperie super bonne en face du subway and I jumped to conclusions.

It did sound possible to me but I can't find an example.

Are you sure this sentence doesn't translate as "There is a super good small creperie opposite the subway"?  It seems to me that bonne is associated with la creperie, whether it is super or not and not associated with en face at all.

yes that is how I would translate it too.

It was when I first saw it that I associated the" bonne" with "en face" -and that was because I was looking for an example to back up my invention of the phrase "bonne en face" which doesn't exist at all !

Found the article at  the website of Parti Communiste du Quebec. Bureaucrats of Ottawa might give priority to me as they keep on hiring linguists and experts on French language. I'll be happy with a 75 thousand dollar a year salary in capital city of Canada..LOL

But now the anglophobic slant of your article makes more sense since I have always felt les quebecois to be much more suspect of things English than les francais.

You don't know me my friend. I have been campaigning for the Quebecois not only by way of promoting the French language in CAnada but also by making it the universal language of the world. "We use to rule the world through our colonies". And I know why we lost the language war. Because we remain faithful to our spouses unlike the mass divorcees of Ottawa and Washington DC.. Our art might be imbued with sexually explicit content but we look at them as an art. We were also singled out in the workplace..bah!


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