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Je dois dire que cette nuit j'ai rêvé que j'étais retraité.

I must tell you that, last night, I dreamt I was a pensioner.
Cette nuit fula première nuit vraiment froide de cet hiver gris
Last night was thfirst truly cold night of this grey winter. 
Je l'ai lue rapidement, car je me rappelle bien cette nuit
I read it quickly because I remember that night very well
I found the above sentences in an online website.
For me, the words 'cette nuit' indicate this night.
How do you explain this one to me?
How do you say this night in French?
'En été ' means in  summer and  'cet été ' means this summer.
'Dernier été' means last summer.
So last night should be 'dernier nuit'.

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Idioms don't translate exactly from one language to another.

Those sentences you have  shown us are correct.

Try to get a feel of what they are saying.

"Dernier  été'" is not good French ; it should be "l' été' dernier" or "le dernier  été'" (with different meanings -"last summer" or "the last summer")


I am going to get  that more complicated.

"cette nuit" means "last nigh" or "next night" according to the verb.

"cette nuit fut la plus froide" > last night. We may say "la nuit dernière"  too. "La nuit dernière fut la plus froide."

"cette nuit sera la plus froide" > today night and we are already at the beginning of the night (22:00 PM for example)

How do you say this night in French?

I understand that "this night" means a specific night you want to speak about ?

2 ways to clarify.

1) "je me souviens bien de cette nuit où il a neigé"

"Je me souviens bien de la nuit où il a neigé"

2) we may say "cette nuit là"

"Je me souviens bien de cette nuit là, il a neigé"


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