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Not as risqué a question as one might first think.

Il ne faut pas confondre vitesse et précipitation.  In American English, this would often be translated as "Haste makes waste".  My question isn't about its translation, however.  Rather, it's the fact that neither vitesse nor précipitation is preceded by an article (la, etc.), possessive (sa, etc.), ... or any adjective (bonne, etc.).  Each is bare-naked.

I'm aware of the rule that says that nouns ALMOST always are preceded by some adjective.  Unfortunately, I've not seen the principle or explanation of when they are not.  Can anyone explain it to me, or point me to an explanation ?

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In this case "couleurs" is a topic or a point raised. So one does not , or not yet, concern oneself with any specific colors. You might say similarly: parler arts, parler politique, parler prix des vins ...

The English for that should be 'talk colors' or 'speak of colors.'

Well you can also say "parler a propos des couleurs" .

I have never heard the expression "parler couleurs" but someone ,at some stage has obviously thought it "worked",

"parler politique"  is an analogous expression that works and is in use but I don't know why.

Perhaps "parler" has a particular sense when used in this way. Perhaps it means "talk at length" , almost "expound" but I am not confident. 

No, not like 'talk at length.'
It is meant to bring up a point of view as opposed to some other points of view. Just like this in English: So now you want to be friends or you want to talk money?
Well after that it can become a topic to talk about at length.

Thanks Robert. I understand it now :)

Yes "parler a propos des couleurs"sounds better to me but I understand the idea now. Thanks George.


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