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I'm trying to interpret the 20 or so French words on the back of a deceased in-law's photo, apparently from Nice in 1953.

Because I don't know French, and because some of the handwriting is ornate, I can't just throw it at Google Translate to try to get the gist of it.

So, I'm posting here in hopes that someone can help!  I've attached a scan.

In the upper left is a name (apparently the "Marie" who has signed below), the name of a hotel (what is that first letter? "P"? "Y"?), and "Rue Assalit, Nice", which I was able to find on Google Maps.

The body of the message appears to me to read "Pour Henry avec mon ..... ..... souvenir" which I gather is "For Henry with my ..... ..... memory", though I can't make out two words in there.

The photo is signed "Marie" and her last name, which may be "Theien".

At the bottom is what looks like "Nice le 26 Mai '53" which I gather is the location of Nice and date of May 26, 1953.

Can anyone correct me on anything, or help me figure out the hotel name, the mystery words in the body, or Marie's last name?

Thanks very much!

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On closer examination, I'm thinking perhaps the second mystery word is "tendre" "fond memories"?

And is the first mystery word "plus"?  "For Henry with my fondest memories"?

Sibill's Hotel exists in Nice.

"Pour Henry avec mon plus tendre souvenir"

Is it "Theriere"?-that is a surname I think.

I can't read the word that comes after "Theriere". (top line)

The letter comes from a certain Marie-Thérèse Alatrans or Abatrans and says : To Henry, with fondest memory, Marie-Thérèse.  Nice, the 26th of May 1953


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