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Just a month ago, I was walking in rue des Rosiers, the Jewish quarters in Marais.


I stopped by a wineshop looking at something very familar, but very strange!


In the window two bottles of an expensive Judean Hills redwine were displayed, between these two  three small flags:


the Norwegian, the French and the Union Jack


I have never seen Norway associated with winemaking, what do you think could be the purpose of this display?



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You mean you associate Great Britain with winemaking?
Oh my god ! ^^
Sorry for this "arrogant French remark", but it was so tempting (can't help myself)...

By the way, I have no idea about the association with Norway (even odder than with GB).

Question: How do you translate "non plus", for example in "Je n'ai pas non plus la moindre idée"? "neither"?

In some contexts, either would be better than neither.


I have no idea either.


Moi non plus all on its own gets us into a controversy. Me neither is the correct expression but the vernacular Me either is gaining popularity. Personally I hate it.

Stu -- I wonder if that's just US usage. In UK English I think it would generally be me neither (or I don't either)-- at least, that's what I've always heard.
Yes, it is US. However, past experience shows that the more deplorable corruptions of the language travel Eastwards across the Atlantic with remarkable speed.
Many thanks !

I'll try to remember to use "Me neither" instead of the dreadful "Me either".
I don't like neither (either?... Goddamn it! It's not easy...) certain "popularized" expressions.

I agree with the neither/either distinction being made here. 


There is, however, a further option in translating this phrase, namely:


Je n'ai pas non plus la moindre idée.

I haven't the faintest/slightest idea either.


This brings the adjectival part of the phrase (i.e. moindre) to the fore. I suggest this because I think there is an alternative for no idea:


Moi, je n'ai aucune idée non plus.

I have no idea either.

Thanks, I'll remember both "slightest idea" and "bring to the fore"...
Paris, Marais, Rue des Rosiers


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