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it means "really" or "tremendously" but is it more casual?   (the dictionary cites "bloody.")  

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Yes -- it's essentially similar to "bloody...", "pretty (damn)..." in English, e.g. "des trucs vachement compliqués" ~ "some pretty damn complicated stuff".

Yes it is casual, you can't write "vachement" except if you write a conversation,

but you can hear that every day,  everywhere, especially said by young people.

I'm young, I'm 23 and I said "vachement" and "carrément" everyday ! Ahah.

Of course, vachement chouette means cowly owl.

Just kidding, it's really terrific!

But /chou/ is owl.

So chouette must be little owl.

So vachement chouette must be cowly owlie, n'est-ce pas??

Very witty, but in fact chou = cabbage (or sweetheart, colloquially). So it'd have to be cowly cabbagelet.

just rushed back to the keyboard!  Yikes!  Vachement stupide!

Pardonnez moi, tout le monde, je vous prie !

Je ferais mon mieux de ne pas re-faire un tel stupidite!


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