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Hi all,

while learning i realised the word enough can be 'assez' or 'suffire'

therefore with this sentence I have enough francs

can i use J'ai assez de francs or J'ai suffire de francs as i want to?


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In this sentence, you say in French "J'ai assez de francs". But the meening is a bit weird because :

 - we rather say "J'ai assez d'argent"

 - the currency "franc" has been abandoned since 2002.

If you wanted to use "suffir"  you would be more likely to use it in the third person  as in ,say  "Cet argent me suffit"

"Je suffis" would mean "I am enough..." and not "I have enough".

There are not many circumstances where that would be appropriate (although "Je ne te suffis pas" might work  for  a ménage à trois)


Possibly  'abandoned' temporarily....(for a few decades)?


"assez" et "suffire" can't be used with the same way.

"assez is an adverb. it's more close to "enough".  "J'ai assez de francs" is correct even if it's weird because  it's not used like that. We never use "francs" because now it's "euros", and we never use "euros" like that, but "J'ai assez d'euros" is grammatically correct. Like Erwan said, we rather say "J'ai assez d'argent"

"J'ai suffire de francs" is not correct

"suffire is a verb, a very difficult to conjugate  verb used usually in the 3rd person singular or plural,  I advise you against using "suffire" except for  "ça suffit" or "ça me suffit", or "il suffit de" (but it's an another meaning). 

Instead of "suffire", you may use "suffisament" that is an adverb like assez. "J'ai suffisament d'argent"

hi all, thanks for the enlightenment on  using assez and suffire


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