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Another dog context question, this time, coat color description.  What does 'la liste' mean in this context? Thank, see below, Mimi Drake

pour la liste : Très inconstante, elle se limite le plus souvent au museau. La tête peut présenter un masque noir.>>


Translated it to:


for the ?? : Very inconsistent, it is limited most often to the muzzle. The head can have a black mask.

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According to Larousse, "liste" is a "stripe of white hair between the forehead and nose of certain horses"...


I'm guessing that if you're into horses, this white stripe is absolutely vital for something, but I'm a bit clueless myself...

I was guessing 'blaze' or stripe - we are on the same wavelength, even if clueless. Thanks, Neil! Mimi

And here's another mystery, what is 'ladre important' in the following context, listing defects or  faults in the breed standard:




Tout écart par rapport à ce qui précède doit être considéré comme un défaut, qui sera sanctionné en fonction de sa gravité :

- aspect général lourd,

- crâne trop large,

- stop accentué,

- corps trop long,

- ladre important.


The literal translation is 'important miser', but that doesn't make sense. Thanks again.  Mimi Drake

If you talk about someone then ladre means important miser.

If you talk about a horse then around its eyes, the tip of its nose or around its lips  are hairless.

This discussion was some time ago, but I have since discovered that "liste" can mean a star shape when it concerns a horse, such as a white star on its head.

Still awkward.

How about,

"This is seen only occasionally, usually on the muzzle. The head might have a black mask."

Thanks, Ruth!


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