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If I want to say Peter's Family, do I say: 

La famille de Peter?

The new baby: 

Le bébé nouveau?

Merci !

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Yep "la famille de Peter" is correct, but it's "le nouveau bébé".

Thanks; I thought descriptive words go after the noun? As in "le chat gris"

They often do-- and colour adjectives practically always do. But there are a few circumstances where they don't.

The word "nouveau" generally goes before the noun when you're describing in a "matter of fact" way that something is new/has recently appeared etc.

If you put "nouveau" after the noun, it means something like "which is a new concept", "which is a new experience" -- i.e. it's a more subjective statement.


I'm learning a little bit each day, thanks again!

would there be any diference in meaning or usage between  l'année nouvelle and la nouvelle année?


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