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hi- I have the need to call a male a wimp.... in perhaps a very slang way.  not please with this guy and wimp as a noun for a male is what i need.

any help?

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Hum, before I answer - why do you need to call him a wimp?

not in a physical way.  he keeps quitting on what he commits to then hurts others feelings with out any care. he hides.

Not quite what I was asking, but okay, as long as it's not to hurt someone...

"Wimp" would often be translated as " mauviette" or "poule mouillée". "Trouillard" would also work, though it's a bit more in the "coward" sense. "Lavette" or "dégonflé" work too.

(Note that, although they can be said to a male, "mauviette", "poule mouillée" and "lavette" are feminine words. You'd have to say "Tu es une lavette.")

not trying to hurt but am trying to get the point across ....



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