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I always have a difficult time when writing whether to use tous or tout.  Since they are pronounced the same, I don't have the same misgiving when speaking, but I do when putting pen to paper or fingers to a keyboard.

Can anyone be of assistance?  Is there a rule to follow?


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Well "tout" is declined as:

"tout" -masculine singular

"toute" -feminine singular

"tous" masculine plural

"toutes" feminine plural

"tous" when used with the final "s" pronounced is a noun and not an adjective .It mean "everything" and you would use "toutes" (without the final "s" pronounced  if   that "everything" was female) 

"tous et toutes" mean everyone in a gathering or similar.(the  first "s" is pronounced in a "hissing" way ,not like "z".

Merci, George.  I always found it confusing.  Now I know.


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