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The following is the French way of telling I am tired.

Je suis fatigué.

How do I say, in French, I am getting tired/hungry/bored?

I am going to get a new job/new apartment.
How do we say 'going to get' something in French?

Je vais ...

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Again, it's correct when you write it, but no one would say that.


OK.  Thanks.  I was trying to make a construction involving "becoming".  I guess I was incorrect.  Thanks, all.

Just say "je fatigue" for that.

There is no grammatical translation per se. However, you can express the same idea. It'll just be slightly different from the way you are probably used to saying it in English.

To say that I am getting tired, I would say

Je suis  fatigué presque. Or, Je deviens fatigué

J'ai presque faim.


I am going to get a new job; I would say, Je vais obtenir un nouveau travail. Or, Je vais commencer à chercher un nouveau travail.

Hopefully, you get the idea.

Now, how to say "going to get" just depends on what you're "getting", grammtically speaking.

In general, getting an object would be Je vais obtenir. But then, like, if you say "I am going to get there at 6:00", that would be Je vais y arriver à 6h00.

Just remember, refer to what you mean. In English "to get" is a verb that is thrown around formally and informally in many contexts. So when translating it in French, you have to know which context you're using so that you can choose the appropriate verb in French.


Hope this helps.


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