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Could someone help me answer the following?

Plurieur mois = several months


Plurieurs mois = several months

Thanks in advance!

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plusieurs is always writen with a "s"

 I think "plusieurs"   is the only form of this adjective.

It can't be "plusieur" as it only refers to things already in the plural  and it can't be "plusieures" since ,as far as I can see , it doesn't change in the feminine form either .

So you would say "plusieurs personnes"  to mean "several people" and not "plusieures personnes" (although "personne" is feminine in French)

Also "mois"  can mean "month" or "months" ("months " in the phrase you gave) since it doesn't change in the plural form because it end in an "s" . 

Hi all, Thanks a lot! I have learned that plusieur is indefine plural. It does not need to agree with anything.

plusieurs mois


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