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it seems they prefer to avoid it, preferring instead "il y a plein de..." or "il y a enormement de."  is this more colloquial?  i won't b wrong to use "beaucoup" in the examples i gave, but would i b more french to avoid it?  Tx  

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Beaucoup is very very very used. too used.

A lot of people write and speak adding  "beaucoup" in all their sentences without thinking really what they say. without precision.

Il a beaucoup plu hier. On a beaucoup marché. On a vu beaucoup de pigeons et beaucoup de gens. Tu as beaucoup travaillé. Tu veux beaucoup de purée ?

"Beaucoup" is used everywhere, always, by everyone.

So, every french professor encourages their students to vary and avoid some words like "beaucoup". One day, this lesson arrive in brain.

ok so i will get a sense of it when i speak to french people.  i would have used "un tas de" naturally, but "il y a plein de..." or "il y a enormement de" is a little unnatural to me.  maybe not so much the 2nd one, but if i translate from english, it's awkward grammatically when i translate "plein" as "full."  it makes sense to say "the box was full of toys" but it doesn't make sense to say "there is full of toys."  but it's easy for me to accept it idiomatically and use it.  

we often use "il y a" "c'est" "on a".

It's a good an hard exercice for me to say "the box is full of toys" when i think "il y a pleins de jouets dans la caisse".

if it's easier, u could say "there are a lot of toys in the box."  

yes but it's like "beaucoup" . too used. Each sentence would begin by "there is" "there are",  "it's"   ;-) 

the english teacher used to say "vary the vocabulary" ....


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