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to say "there were so many people", i can say "tellement" or "tant." 

are there times when i have to use one and not the other?  if so, hopefully u can think of an example.  Tx

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 I am not sure to be able to explain the difference and the using. There is no really difference.

"there were so many people" = I would say "Il y avait tellement de gens". I wouldn't say "il y avait tant de gens". The music of the sentence is not usual. But "il y avait tant de monde" is usual and "il y avait tellement de monde" is usual too.

if the sentence needs to be continued, then use "tellement" : il y avait tellement de monde que je n'ai pas pu entrer.

f you have a hesitation, use "tellement". The sound of the sentence is more usual.

that's very helpful.  good to know


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