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Greetings everyone!

I need help on another tattoo phrase.

I want a translation of "love, believe, fear not and the world is yours."

This is what Google translate gave me:

"aimer, croire, ne crains pas, et le monde est à vous"

My priorities are that I include romantic-sounding words, and that the translation be accurate. I'm not attached to those specific words, but rather, the idea behind them.

Thanks so much for your help everyone!

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       My attempt. I am sure it can be improved upon!

Aimez , Croyez sans peur. A vous le monde.

or : Aime ,Crois sans peur.A toi le monde.

There is a problem in your translation. Here are an idea :

 "aime, crois, ne crains rien et le monde sera à toi" 

the difference with yours :

aime, crois, ne crains rien = theses verbs are conjugated in an imperative form, 2nde person singular.

so the end f the sentence is 2nde person singular.

and the verb "sera" is a future in French (but a present in yours)

my translation means rather "if you love, if you believe, if you fear nothing, the world will be yours" but with a tone of imperative like if you are speaking to a friend.

"aime, crois, ne crains pas et le monde est à toi" is aslo working.

I don't think SM needs an exact translation necessarily, Chantal  -it is for a tattoo .

 Another idea is Ne craignez ni d'aimer ni de croire. Vous avez tout.

or again :           Ne craigns ni d'aimer ni de croire. Tu as tout .    

Yes, yes

I tried to write a sentence with a nice tone and the same idea. In French it's a nice tone, but I don't know in English ...

the Florian's one is nice too.

It's just my opinion but it's not... really romantic. At least, it's not "romantic-sounding words".

A known trick in translation is to change the grammatical categories and I think that here the verbs should be replaced by nouns in French, so that it could be something like:

Amour, foi, audace et le monde  est à toi (sounds nicely with foi)/ t'appartiens.


Amour, Foi, Bravoure

et le monde est à toi

with the rhymes amour/ bravoure and  foi/ toi

For more romanticism ths sentence could be changed :

Amour, Foi, Bravoure et je suis à toi

The only French words that come to mind with respect to tattoos are mauvaise foi



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