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the dictionary says it means "sneaky."  is this commonly used to mean "sneaky" which means to try to gain advantage w/o the other person knowing it?  is there another word that's also commonly used or used more often?  there's also the verb "to sneak" -- i tried to sneak in, sneak by, sneak through" (to gain access to a place.) and "i tried to sneak a peek" -- to see something that someone is hiding from me.   Tx

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it's "sournois". yes it's used to mean sneaky. but it's a general word. you may say that a cat is "sournois", that a situation is "sournoise".

"to try to gain advantage w/o the other person knowing it?" I prefer using "fourbe".

"hypocrite" is often used. But it's rather for someone who is kind with someone else and who speaks to say bad things about him when the other person is not here.

And there are a lot of used words to say "sournois". all of them are used depending on the situation : caché, faux, perfide, trompeur, retors, rusé ....

many verbs "dissimuler", "cacher", "mentir", "tromper", "manipuler","manoeuvrer dans l'ombre", ....


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