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What's the English translation of "Plume de radis?"  It's a song by "The Singing Nun", but I've searched everywhere and can't find a meaning.  Thanks!

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It is clearly a term of endearment. I will hazard a guess that the "plume de radis" is the little shoot that first appears when you plant radish in the garden

I think of the similar expression "a plume of smoke" in English.

The whole little ditty is about a young child growing up and so that would make sense.....

Thanks so much for the great explanation!

Don't mention it. The Singing Nun ....that goes back a bit ;)

I don't think it has a special meaning, never heard this expression before (I'm french). It's probably a "création poétique" of the lyricist...with the general meaning indicated by George.

By the way, here's a very interesting site if you want to understand old an forgotten french expressions:

Thanks so much, Esteban, for the answer and also for the link to the French expressions web site.


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