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i saw this in a dictionary:

"votre question me met dans l'embarras"

it said it's an expression.  is this a very common way of saying "i don't know how to answer ur question"?


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Hello Alan,

it doesn't exactly means "i don't know how to answer ur question". it's rather "I have a trouble with your question".

Maybe it's because i don't know how to answer, but possible because I don't want to answer.

And yes it's used. Not every days. more often in politic talk show. (When a reporter ask a politician "how many money do you need for your project ?  ... )

thanks.  it's essentially the same as in english.  as u pointed out, we don't know what the person who says it really means.  maybe they just don't want to answer the question.  or maybe it's a question that warrants a full explanation and u can't answer it briefly.  so of course there are many times when people have to say "i don't know how to answer ur question" 


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