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i see a distinction w regard to a “day pass/ticket.”  i’d use journalier there.  i guess “apport journalier recommandé” (“recommended daily allowance”) is now a set phrase.  but can i use “quotien” w regard to tarif, forfait, salaire even tho the dictionary cited this usage for journalier?  it’s  probably easier for me.  merci 

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Hi Alan.

“Journalier” and “quotidien” are synonym in mostly usages. However, there is a subtle difference according to some cases.

- “Journalier” also means : “juste pour un jour / pour une fois” ( especially for one day / for once ).

For instance, [ “journalier” can be used like a name. It is not an adjective only ] :

- Cet homme travaille en tant que journalier. ( This man is a temporary worker. )

- “quotidien” means : "tous les jours de la semaine" ( for every day of the week ). So, its sense is very large and common. This word is really the French equivalent to “daily”.

Sorry for this erratum :

“Journalier” and “quotidien” are synonyms in mostly uses.


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