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This interrogator wonders whether the translation of the English word "illeism" is "l'illeisme".  He has done multiple searches of online and print dictionaries to no avail.  Similarly, he supposes that "illeist" would be "l'illeiste".  Less confidently he assumes the gender to be masculine.

He recognizes that the word derives from the same Latin words that parented the French words "il" and "elle".

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I cannot help you but thank you for bringing this word to our attention. I had no idea the habit/affectation had its own word to describe it :)

Apparently there is "nosism" as well....(I can see I used "our " above - but not like that I trust!)

We are amused. :-)

Hi George and dwayne.

« Illeism » hasn't an explicit equivalent in French. Also myself, I would say in French « Illeisme », but it seems that is not correct.

The French expression closer to « Illeism » seems to be « figuration de soi à la troisième personne »

( In waiting your comments, Stevo hopes that you are satisfied about this answer. ^^ )

I have a rather brilliant friend, engineer who thinks in illeism.  “Now Rudy's going to move this up here, and he'll then be able to remove this.”  It's as if he's watching a movie of his life, viewing himself from without.

Re bonjour Dwayne.

About movies actors, here a bit of French culture : Alain Delon is an old and a very famous French actor, and he is also known for his habit to speak sometimes about himself according to the position of the third person. Nowadays, Alain Delon is yet caricatured by some humorists with this behavior.

An Alain Delon picture :

A very handsome man.  Reminds me somewhat of Johnny Depp.

The rebel side maybe?...


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