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I need help with translating these two words: "OK" and "Actions"

I work on a computer application with an "OK" button and "Actions" menu.   I've always wondered if the translation we received is correct.  I expected "OK"  to translate to "D'accord" and "Actions," such as opening or deleting a document,  to translate to "Actes".   Instead, the exact translation we received are "OK" and "Actions" which look to me like the English words.  Do the French really use "OK" and "Actions" in their everyday language?  Is this something they actually would see if the computer application was written in French?

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Ok is completely French . I am not sure about "actions" but I would not expect  computer terminology to be exactly the same as in daily life anyway.

Even in English  the terminology used by computer software   can seem bizarre at times and  not a lot of effort can be made to be intelligible to the general public.

OK is used in everyday language and understood by all french people without exception. (we have and old rubbish movie with an actor saying okaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy)

And even more in computer technology. (I work in computer technology)

In computer technology we have KO  too. OK = d'accord or right. KO = pas d'accord or wrong.

"Action" is a word we use in everyday language. And "acte" too.  But usually :

- Acte has more a moral meaning.

- Action is more the gesture to do something.

If someone gives money to an association = "action" when he gives the money. But if we speak about that saying how he is generous for exemple, then we say "un acte généreux". (both words' uses are more complex but in a computer application simplicity is the rule.)

So to say "opening" or "deleting" a document, "Action" is better than "Acte".

Yes "Action" in a computer application is not weird. You may see "choix", "outils" but "action" is more international, so in an international application international words are better.


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